10 Top-Notch Vintage and Pre-Owned Tudor Watches

10 Top-Notch Vintage and Pre-Owned Tudor Watches

| 01.11.24

While Tudor was originally dreamt up by Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf as a lower-cost alternative to his world-conquering tool watches, it has since transformed into an important maison in its own right, producing in-house movements and designing pieces that reference both Rolex’s and their own history while keeping an eye on the future. Since its triumphant return to the U.S. market in 2013, The Shield has graced enthusiasts with an impressive bevy of models to accompany wearers while diving, driving, traveling, exploring, and beyond. Available in a wide range of metals and sizes, Tudor watches are beloved the world over, and are known to an ever-expanding audience of collectors and enthusiasts.

Of course, this is to say nothing of the incredibly robust back catalog of classic Tudor models — such as the Oyster Prince and the Submariner — that still provide lower-cost alternatives to pricier vintage Rolex models. Additionally, certain examples were produced in configurations that Rolex never made itself; a Tudor Oyster Prince Date + Day can be had in steel, for instance, while a Rolex Day-Date cannot. Below, we’ve included pieces both vintage and contemporary that offer but a smattering of the wide variety present in the Tudor oeuvre. There’s no doubt that after seeing what we've got, you’ll fall for Tudor as hard as we all have at Analog:Shift. 

Black Bay 36 ($2,700) 

Tudor Black Bay 36 - IN THE SHOP

The Black Bay line does an excellent job of encapsulating everything we love about vintage Tudor and reimagining it in a modern guise. Take this Black Bay 36, for example: While you can clearly see the influence from 1960s-era Ref. 7909s and the like, a modern Swiss automatic movement, larger 36mm stainless steel case, and a highly lumed dial all come together to make this a great everyday “beater” watch. 

Tudor Oyster Air-Tiger ($3,450)

Tudor Oyster Air-Tiger - IN THE SHOP

While most Tudors — including the vintage variety — are automatic, this thin Air-Tiger is of the hand-wound variety, making for a slim and super comfortable wearing experience with plenty of vintage charm. At 35mm, it’s got plenty of wrist presence, but its dressier side comes out when paired to a simple leather strap. Ideal for both men and women, it’s a handsome relic of a wonderful time in watch design.

Tudor Prince Oysterdate Integrated Bracelet ($3,900) 

Tudor Prince Oysterdate Integrated Bracelet - IN THE SHOP

This funky Prince Oysterdate from the 1970s, with its integrated bracelet and automatic movement, is somewhat of a departure from the typical design codes — though its rotating dive bezel and luminous dial hew close to the brand’s tool watch roots. Measuring 38mm in diameter and featuring a rich blue colorway, it’s an excellent everyday option for someone who appreciates a quirkier watch unlikely seen down the pub every evening. 

Tudor Pelagos LHD ($4,200) 

Tudor Pelagos LHD - IN THE SHOP

Tudor’s answer to parent company Rolex’s Sea-Dweller, the Pelagos is a dive watch on steroids — with 500m of water resistance and a helium escape valve on offer, there’s no task this incredible tool can’t handle. The “LHD” model we have here features the crown on the left side of the case, meaning it’s perfect for southpaws — or for righties tired of watch crowns digging into their left hands!

Tudor Oyster Prince Date + Day 'Jumbo' ($4,200) 

Tudor Oyster Prince Date + Date 'Jumbo' - IN THE SHOP

Sorry not sorry, but this Prince Date + Day is simply too cool for school. With its oversized, 39mm stainless steel case, rotating timing bezel, and day and date displays, it combines features from multiple watch types in a single, do-it-all tool. (Not to mention that the day display is in Italian — fantastico!) Dating to the 1970s, it’s an excellent, everyday alternative to the precious-metal-only Day-Date from sister company Rolex.

Tudor Black Bay GMT S&G ($4,300) 

Tudor Black Bay GMT S&G - IN THE SHOP

The Black Bay GMT, with its Rolex-inspired “Pepsi” bezel, was already a hit upon its launch back in 2018 — but this steel-and-gold edition is aimed at someone who prefers a bit of two-tone flair in their wrist candy. Measuring 41mm and paired to a black and gold toned fabric strap, it’s meant for the ardent traveler, but works just as well staying at home, tracking a friend or loved one in a faraway land.

Tudor Heritage Advisor ($4,450) 

Tudor Heritage Advisor - IN THE SHOP

A contemporary version of the vintage Advisor alarm watch, this Reference 79620 from the 2010s measures a beefy 42mm in titanium. Using its dual-crown system, one easily can set both the time and the alarm time, which is displayed within a central ring above a circular date window above 6 o’clock. Handily, a small indicator at 9 o’clock lets you know when the alarm is on or off. 

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Dark ($4,450) 

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Dark - IN THE SHOP

Executed in black ceramic, the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Dark combines the crown guard-less case of earlier Tudor Submariners with the ‘snowflake’ handset of later, 1970s-era models. Add the all-black-everything case, dial, and leather strap, and you’ve got yourself one menacing looking tool worthy of Darth Vader's wrist! But the value doesn’t just extend to the high-tech materials and good looks — flip the watch over for a view of the Tudor MT5602 automatic, chronometer-certified movement within.

Tudor Submariner Date ($9,450) 

Tudor Submariner Date - IN THE SHOP

Tudor has been making its own version of Rolex’s Submariner since the 1950s. This Reference 79090 from the late 1980s may be the ultimate neo-vintage watch: Measuring 39mm, it features a black dial with tritium luminous; a handy date window beneath a magnified acrylic crystal; and a cool folded-link  Oyster bracelet. 

Tudor Oysterdate 'Monte Carlo' Chronograph ($18,990) 

Tudor Oysterdate 'Monte Carlo' Chronograph - IN THE SHOP

Think of this funky, 1980s-era chronograph as a playful, colorful alternative to the Daytona. With its screw-down pushers, magnified crystal, steel tachymeter bezel, triple-register chronograph, and bright orange outer 5-minute track and seconds hand, it’s a unique, eye-catching piece that nevertheless features the build quality of a Sherman tank. Take it hiking, take it exploring, take it spelunking — just don’t take it off!