Our Story

What does a watch say about the person wearing it?

At Analog:Shift, we believe it says a great deal. A timepiece, by virtue of its purpose, is imbued with tremendous importance; indeed, without a way to reliably tell the time, it’s easy to become unmoored in such a busy, interconnected world.

But a watch is more than just a mass of gears and cogs. Each watch is different, and each is special. When you strap one to your wrist, you’re signaling to the world your particular taste — but more importantly, your values.

Born from a passion for watchmaking history and excellent design, Analog:Shift was founded in 2012. Bringing together the best vintage and pre-owned pieces, we grew from a single shoebox of watches to a bustling floor full of passionate collectors and friends.

Now part of the Watches of Switzerland group, Analog:Shift is the go-to source for collectors and clients across the globe seeking fine timepieces produced between the 1940s through today.

In addition to our watch sales and watchmaking and service expertise, our Transmissions blog and YouTube content focus on all aspects of horology, watch collecting, and the lifestyles that surround watches. 

If the horological journey is one that you’d like to embark upon, we’d like for you to embark on it with us. Time, after all, is of the essence.

Come visit us in our New York City office, or find a boutique near you!

James Lamdin

Founder & Vice President of Vintage & Pre-Owned

James launched Analog:Shift in 2012 after two very different careers in outdoor equipment and luxury automotive. A long time watch collector, James’ passion for vintage timepieces came to him from his grandfather, who left him part of his collection at the time of his passing. Put off by the way in which the traditional vintage watch market was run, James positioned Analog:Shift to be a new kind of resource for the discerning enthusiast - dedicated to authenticity above all. His affinity for the well-aged transcends to his other passions: single malt scotch and automobiles. When he’s not scouring the globe for horological artifacts, you’re likely to find him cruising around Manhattan in his ’67 Porsche or holed up at a whisky bar with a tumbler of Laphroaig, neat, firmly in hand.

A vintage watch helps me connect to history. There's no telling where it's been or what it's lived through. I like knowing that this great, old thing has stood the test of time, and is accompanying me on my own journey through time. -- JL


Senior Manager, Operations

A dedicated and professional management expert, experienced with leadership, organization, business operations and expansion. A forward thinker who anticipates the business needs beforehand and strategizes the necessary steps to action the development and growth of the Analog:Shift brand. He has a passion for all things vintage and quirky, like his favorite car, the 1976 Cadillac Eldorado “American Dream”. His most prized possession is his 1970’s Omega Seamaster that was recently added to his collection. In his spare time he enjoys long walks on the beach with his dogs, hiking in the mountains or jetting off to an exotic location for some much needed R&R.


Operations Administrator

Sherman brings a wealth of experience from his five-year tenure at an international auction house. His fascination with watches began in his youth, culminating in the acquisition of his first timepiece, a Cartier Tank Solo XL. Away from the buzz of office operations, Sherman is a dedicated family man who indulges in his passions for collecting guitars and writing music. Watching Tom and Jerry and eating Korean Instant Noodles transports him to his happy place.


Category Manager, Vintage & Pre-Owned

Victoria is the Vintage & Pre-Owned Category Manager and our resident Spreadsheet Ninja.  Best known for her formulaic finesse, Victoria’s rich industry journey includes an impressive tenure at Patek Philippe Tiffany. Out of the office, Victoria is an avid traveler, fierce board game competitor, gin cocktail enthusiast, and a frequent visitor to the dog park with her two pit rescues.  



Executive Assistant

Ryan is an avid reader, people watcher, and vintage shopper. She treasures her grandmother's 1960s Hamilton Swiss watch and has a particular fondness for Piaget ladies watches, especially those adorned with coral and jade stone dials. Away from the vintage watch world at Analog Shift, Ryan's adventures take her on travels in search of the city's finest soup dumplings and through vintage markets on the hunt for hidden treasures.


Manager, Sales

Just like the Merle Haggard song, she is in fact an "Oakie from Muskogee". A post covid baby of the watch industry, she joined the Analog:Shift team after over 3 years of working with Watches of Switzerland Group. In terms of her taste in watches, she is a yellow gold queen and prefers vintage . Her hobbies include being overdressed, thrifting, cooking, and hanging out with her french bulldog.


Manager, Creative Design

Paulo is a multifaceted creative with a background in commercial photography. Away from the camera, he delves into culinary arts, finding a creative haven in the heart of his kitchen. He has a fascination for dive watches, drawn to timepieces crafted with purpose and function. He is a 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, enjoys the occasional twss joke , late-night Korean BBQ, and watching season 1 of the original Power Rangers with his 5 year old son.


Creative Design Specialist

Edward Anthony is our powerhouse creative design specialist and lead photographer by way of Puerto Rico and New York City. Originally working in commercial and fashion industries and joining the Analog:Shift team in 2021, he takes pride in his artistic eye, precision skillset, and attention to detail. When he isn’t watching F1, Real Madrid, or Knicks game, Ed loves to travel, read, and eat delicious food.


Freelance Video Producer

Mark is a video producer and a New Jersey Native who enjoys the art of turning ideas into moving pictures that tell stories. Originally working in the IT industry and transitioning into creative in 2017, he is a budding watch enthusiast who has taken quite a liking to vintage Zodiac and watches under 35mm. Mark is also a hip-hop dance educator and community builder who enjoys the occasional sci-fi flick and a medium rare ribeye to unwind.

Oren Hartov

Freelance Creative

Oren Hartov, a graduate of the Berklee College of Music and a reserve paratrooper in the Israel Defense Forces, writes about watches for Analog:Shift, GQ, Gear Patrol, InsideHook, Worn & Wound, MONOCLE, Watches International, and others. He lives in Los Angeles, travels frequently, enjoys SCUBA diving — though he isn’t particularly great at it — and tries to show equal love to his Gibson ES-359 and his Fender Strat.


Freelance Creative

Sawyer, a native New Yorker, honed his photography skills through hands-on experience in a rental house, where his passion for film and media truly blossomed. His affinity for the vintage aesthetic, which mirror his love for classic timepieces, is a thread that runs through both his professional and personal life. On his leisure time, Sawyer indulges in refurbishing his Honda CB 350F, playing FPS games, and developing and scanning film.


Freelance Photographer

Earning her Fine Arts degree, she swiftly established herself in the realm of product photography, transforming her father's skepticism about the profitability of her chosen field into a catalyst for her impressive achievements. His doubts only intensified her resolve, propelling her to excel and leave an indelible mark in the watch industry, where she collaborates with pioneering brands. Outside the studio, she unwinds on the tennis court and cherishes leisurely strolls with her daughter, finding joy and balance in these simple pleasures.


Freelance Photographer

Greg's journey began as a young adventurer from Northern NJ, riding trains to NYC for punk rock shows on the LES and skateboarding at the Brooklyn banks, camera in hand. Today, as a commercial and lifestyle photographer, he collaborates with iconic brands and publications, while still capturing the underground music scene, balancing his passion with time spent with his wife and twin boys. At the heart of his work and life, Greg values the cultivation of meaningful relationships with friends, colleagues, and collaborators.


Freelance Editor

A jack of all trades, master of none, Thomas does a little bit of everything. From writing about watches, to snapping photos of them in action, he's occasionally found traveling to off-the-beaten-path destinations looking for the next story. He's summited Mount Whitney, dove with sharks and has been to 14 countries and counting. When he's not tracking down his next stainless steel sports watch, he enjoys listening to podcasts, reciting Rush Hour 2 quotes and chasing around his two year-old.


Freelance Creative

Samuel is a passionate lover of dress watches and independents, taking a special interest in pieces from Lange, Journe, Patek and Dufour. When not writing about his admiration for high horology, Samuel enjoys building furniture by hand, playing tennis, skiing, losing in chess, and playing the guitar and piano. As a writer for Analog:Shift, Samuel has had the privilege of handling a variety of his favorite pieces and has simultaneously ensured the destruction of his financial future. In the day to day, Samuel enjoys working with Analog :Shift’s incredible team and looks forward to many more years of friendship.