Our Story

Born from a passion for watchmaking history and a love for great design, Analog:Shift began with one watch collector who looked to create an authentic and trustworthy buying experience for today's enthusiasts. Every Analog:Shift timepiece has a story to tell, each illustrating the rich history of watchmaking with an exceedingly well-curated and ever-changing reserve.

A vintage watch helps me connect to history. There's no telling where it's been or what it's lived through. I like knowing that this great, old thing has stood the test of time, and is accompanying me on my own journey through time.

James Lamdin

Director of Vintage & Pre-Owned

James launched Analog:Shift in 2012 after two very different careers in outdoor equipment and luxury automotive. A long time watch collector, James’ passion for vintage timepieces came to him from his grandfather, who left him part of his collection at the time of his passing. Put off by the way in which the traditional vintage watch market was run, James positioned Analog:Shift to be a new kind of resource for the discerning enthusiast - dedicated to authenticity above all. His affinity for the well-aged transcends to his other passions: single malt scotch and automobiles. When he’s not scouring the globe for horological artifacts, you’re likely to find him cruising around Manhattan in his ’67 Porsche or holed up at a whisky bar with a tumbler of Laphroaig, neat, firmly in hand.