Collectors Among Us: Sneh Diwan

Collectors Among Us: Sneh Diwan

| 05.18.23

In Collectors Among Us, we highlight some of our favorite watch collectors — and friends — and hear about their collecting journeys. In this week’s episode, we welcome Sneh Diwan.

 The founder of Diwan By Design, a company that organizes and produces events around the world, Sneh Diwan is a watch collector through and through, having gotten bitten by the watch bug at a young age. Here, she discusses her journey from Casio Calculator Watch to Cartier Santos and beyond.

When and how did you go down the horological rabbit hole?

I’ve worn a watch as far back as I can remember! It was something that I shared with my dad and as I got older, my watch collection matured with me. He gave me a Casio calculator watch and colorful Swatches from his travels, and then eventually, when I turned 21, his Cartier Santos right off his wrist. My collection really is a reflection of memorable moments in my life and now, I get to share this passion with my husband.

What are your top three favorite watch brands? 

Cartier, Swatch, and Rolex.

What’s the next big purchase on your list?

I’m on the waitlist for the Cartier Tank, but I am gravitating towards the Serpenti or a gold piece. TBD : )

Do you prefer vintage or modern watches, and why?

With vintage, the story behind the watch really pulls me in. I love hearing where the watch came from — that it was handed down as a family heirloom or it was found in a random vintage shop on a casual weekend. And vintage watches fly under the radar a lot.

What’s more important to you — design or functionality — and why?

I feel there is a balance between both design and function. Like, the Serpenti is beautifully designed but in a way, it has to fit what you are doing. You wouldn't wear a Serpenti if you are going diving. And the Submariner might not be the prettiest watch, but it has the diving function. But if I had to choose one, I am definitely more design driven. 

 Do you build your outfits around your watch, or do you choose the watch to go with your outfits?

I dress based on what my actual day looks like. For example, am I headed to a client meeting to review an upcoming event? Or am I headed to a formal industry gala, or is it a casual date night with my husband, going to our favorite restaurant for dinner? I look at the pieces that I already own and make the connection on what fits best with my outfit. Most importantly, I try to have fun with it! 

You picked three watches from Analog:Shift’s collection to wear for our photo shoot. Which did you spring for, and why?

I chose the Omega Speedmaster because despite at first glance it being a black watch, it has so many layers! Though monochromatic in color, the watch has so much depth between the dial and the sub-registers. 

Omega Speedmaster - IN THE SHOP

I love the Cartier Tank because of how elegant, timeless and classic the watch is. Some of my favorite fashion icons such as Princess Diana and Jacqueline Kennedy wore it, and my mother wears one too. 

Cartier Tank Normale Ladies - IN THE SHOP

What really caught my attention to the Aquanaut was the rubber strap and the khaki green color in the strap and the dial. It is just so sexy, and the color is so striking! 

Patek Phillipe Aquanaut - IN THE SHOP


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