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Universal Genève

Universal Genève remains as one of the horological darlings in most, if not all, collecting circles.

Founded in 1894, the brand quickly established itself as a renowned manufacture of exceptional in-house movements, and then further solidified their reputation for designing the best chronographs of the era. The success of their Compur and Compax lines attracted the attention of watch aficionados, aviators, and militaries around the world — and only catapulted Universal Genève towards more legacy designs that would define the beauty and simplicity of dress and time-only watches of the 20th century such as the purpose-driven, Gerald Genta-penned Polerouter, to the ornate Cabriolet.

With new beginnings upon us for the manufacture, it's the perfect time to rediscover the foundation of the brand’s catalog imbued with tremendous craftsmanship, beautiful design and incredible historical significance found throughout our carefully curated selection of vintage Universal Genève. We eagerly await the next chapter to be written.




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