Porscheast 2023 presented by Analog:Shift

Porscheast 2023 presented by Analog:Shift

| 05.15.23

Cars and watches go together. 

There is something about the nature of functional, mechanical objects - particularly those that could also be considered art - that draw the same types of enthusiasm from the same types of people. In recent years the zeitgeisty connective tissue between these two collector hobbies has strengthened immeasurably, with a tremendous amount of love crossing the aisle from members of the Porsche community specifically.

We can't quite put our finger on it, but there seems to be something extraordinary binding lovers of Porsche and lovers of watches. Perhaps it is their well -documented lineage, iconography, and passion for detail that so perfectly ties enthusiasm for the legendary German marque and that for fine timepieces. Perhaps it is the unwavering commitment to exactitude performance. Or perhaps it is just that romantic X-Factor that you feel in your bones but defies logic or explanation. 

Whatever it is, we're here for it!

This past weekend, Analog:Shift sponsored Porscheast, a gathering of Porsche cars and enthusiasts at the exceptional Rally Point East` clubhouse in Westhampton, Long Island. Now in its third year, Porscheast showcased nearly 100 vintage and contemporary Porsche models and received nearly 400 attendees. 

Our team was on-hand with our collection of vintage timepieces, accessories, and framed vintage Porsche advertisements procured in collaboration with our good friends at Ad Patina. Replete with breakfast, live music, great fashion and lots of great watches, Porscheast put an emphasis on enjoying the car collecting hobby without snobbery, and the community was in high spirits throughout the day. 

Enjoy a photo recap of the event below, and we hope to see you at Porscheast IV next May!

The Setup. - Image: Paulo Salud

 From vintage to contemporary. - Image: PS

Line 'em up! - Image: PS

Tunes provided by @michaelandbrendan - Image: PS

 Spotted: The Omage Speedmaster Known for space. Developed for racing.- Image: PS  

Breakfast.  Image: PS

Spotted: AP Royal Oak Chronograph - Image: PS

The view from the Analog:Shift booth. - Image: PS 

A 1-of-1 Paint-to-Sample Speedster. Image: PS

Image: S



@flying_scot_racing - Image: PS

Two ways to do Miami Blue - Image: Edward Anthony

@flying_scot_racing - Image: PS


Spotted: @larrypipitone shopping for a new Ralstra Strap for his exceptional Heuer Carrera 2447NST. - Image: PS  

-Image: PS

It's never too early for Glenrothes Single Malt Scotch. - Image: PS

Bottoms up. - Image: PS

Spotted: The cutest wristshot you've ever seen. AP Royal Oak Offshore - Image: PS

- Image: PS

Our very own Raymond M. wearing a Universal Genève Tri-Compax Moonphase.Image: PS

-Image: PS

Art by @manucampart - Image: EA

Art by @manucampart - Image: PS

Stanced Cabriolet anyone? - Image: PS

Slant-Nose - Image: PS

- Image: EA

  @Miavukasovic + @sabrinaprisco taking selfies with our Analog:Shift caps. - Image: PS

Spotted: Jason Gong of @complecto_ sporting a Gold Rolex Oysterquartz. - Image: PS

Irish Green. Image: PS

Our Analog:Shift Brand Animation on the big screen. - Image EA

In the case. - Image: PS 

Rolex Inventory displayed on our Analog:Shift 24-Piece Canvas Watchroll  - Image: PS

Watches anyone? -Image: PS

Spotted: Rolex Submariner Two-Tone - Image: PS

Spotted: @thomascalara with a Doxa Sub 300 - Image: PS 


Decked out with Analog:Shift Accessories and Vintage Ads- Image: PS

Raymond M. holding an RM - Image: PS

992 Targa - Image: PS

James Lamdin's long anticipated 912 restoration.


Image: PS


Image: PS

Image: PS


Image: PS