Collectors Among Us: Brian Fisher

Collectors Among Us: Brian Fisher

| 04.08.24

Collectors Among Us is an ongoing series featuring some of our favorite watch collectors — and friends. In addition to finding out what makes their watch collection tick, we better understand their collecting philosophy as a whole, as well as uncover their other interests and how they intersect the world of horology. We all have a story that encapsulates our collecting journey — this one belongs to Brian Fisher.

Brian Fisher is in his element when all eyes are on him; whether that’s in front of a classroom filled with eager minds or jamming out on the guitar amidst a buzzing waterhole. Based out of the Big Apple, he’s a proper New Yorker through and through. He knows the city like the back of his hand and if you happen to be in lockstep while en route to a particular destination, be prepared to keep up because Brian operates at a NY pace — usually with a guitar in tow and an entertaining story to share.

When he isn’t teaching the art of prose to America’s youth, he’s typically building memories with his family on trips abroad. It’s evident that Brian is a family man and his interests and passions are shared with his wife and son — a glance at their wrists would confirm as much. 


Brian’s dwellings provide a window into his meticulous approach to collecting. From vibrant and eclectic framed wall art, to the carefully curated audiophile-grade Hi-Fi equipment and shelves filled with vinyl records, each object is selected and displayed with purpose. “I’m a design person. I like buildings. I like furniture. I’ve always liked guitars. I like the way they’re built. I’m very technical. I’m into classic designs where they got it right the first time.”


His taste for the “classics” has led him down the path of custodianship over a diverse collection of vintage guitars and watches. “If something is really, really great, it usually has a couple of elements and they all have to be there for me to get really into it. It has to emotionally move you. If it’s going to a part of your home, or it’s going to be on your body, it should look great.”

Be it a Fender Telecaster or an Omega Speedmaster — both of which Brian owns examples of — the design has to stand the test of time if it has any chance occupying a spot in hist watch roll.

When it comes to using his watches, Brian has no problem putting them through their paces. A well-worn Benrus Type 1 bears the scars of a well-traveled piece. But when his responsibilities as an English teacher keep him stateside, he frequents the timepiece he purchased for his 50th birthday — a Rolex Daytona. Slightly more precious? Why yes. But that doesn’t stop Brian from wearing the white dialed chronograph to a workplace where his worst fear is it taking a whack from a student's aluminum canteen square on its crystal — an occupational hazard suited for a modern Rolex.

Brian’s collecting ethos doesn't start and end with ownership either. He loves the hunt as much as the next person, but his drive to know more about a particular piece is a trait rooted in the watch nerd and history buff. Brian’s Rolex GMT Master Reference 1675 is his most beloved piece and its pristine condition would get any enthusiast's blood pumping, but its caseback reveals a deeper story.

Gifted to its original owner for delivering an F5 fighter jet to the Saudi Arabian Air Force, this piece still had more to unravel and Brian would do just that, scouring the internet and ultimately tracking down the pilot who first wore his treasured 1675.

A slight deviation from a collection packed with stainless steel sports watches, Brian shared with us his growing interest in Cartier. And it came as no surprise when he pulled out his only piece from the maison -a vintage Cartier Tank Louis — another worthy classic.

These days, Brian is content with his current collection, but like the old saying goes, never say never. “Where I’m heading ... it’s not having something in mind and then letting something show up.”

Regardless of the time that passes before his next timepiece purchase, we’ll put our money down that it'll be another classic added to his collection.