Analog:Shift Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Analog:Shift Holiday Gift Guide 2022

| 11.21.22


It’s that time of year again. You know the one — the one with eggnog, and lights in storefront windows, and snow, and gifts. Lots and lots of gifts

To help you prepare for the holidays and get in the gift-giving spirit, we’ve put together a guide to our horologically-themed wares. And we’re not just talking watches, here — we’ve got straps, storage, accessories…all the things that quicken the pulse of, well, folks like us! 

Whether you’re searching for the perfect accessory to accompany a watch of your own, or you’re looking for that special timepiece for that special someone, we at Analog:Shift have you covered. So put another log on the fire, refill that eggnog, sit back, and let’s begin...


Maybe someone just passed a big milestone in their life — or you simply feel like giving the gift of time. Either way, we have watches both simple and complicated, precious and robust, more affordable, and more expensive. Here’s but a smattering:

For the Sporty Type

IN THE SHOP: Heuer 2000 Chronograph ($1,250)

Who would object to a blacked-out chronograph, on a matching bracelet, boasting serious water resistance? If you lead an active lifestyle, this vintage Heuer is just the ticket.

 Rolex Submariner Reference 14060 ($13,450) 

This last of the pre-'Maxi' case Subs has become the poster child for Neo-Vintage watches, full stop. Beautifully proportioned and almost stupidly versatile, it’s perfect for diving — or desking. 

For Dressing Up

IN THE SHOP: LeCoultre Ladies 'Cocktail' Dress Watch ($2,200)

Outfitted with the world’s smallest mechanical movement, this classic 1960s ‘cocktail’ watch with diamonds is as elegant today as it was during the Mad Men era. 

IN THE SHOP: IWC Platinum Dress Watch

The famed pilot’s watch manufacturer made a certain number of its handwound Caliber 89 and Caliber 853 watches in platinum for the Japanese market. Today, they’re exquisite sleeper choices.

Classic Choices

IN THE SHOP: Omega Speedmaster Professional ($7,250)

Why not spring for a contemporary Speedy with some of the charm of vintage watches? This Reference 3590.50 from the 1990s sports Tritium luminous for some of that classic, vintage aura. 

 Rolex Datejust Reference 1601 ($7,250)

A four-digit Datejust is never a bad choice for everyday wear. This classic, beautiful example, with its silver dial and white gold bezel, will never go out of style. 


Sure, a steel bracelet is versatile — but a fine leather strap can dress up even the most stubborn tool watch, and rubber is simply perfect for summer. Check out some of the best options we have for changing the character of your watch.

For Sports…Especially Watersports!

IN THE SHOP: Tropic Straps ($79)

The classic TROPIC®, with its supple, perforated rubber body and tough steel hardware, remains the golden standard for dive watches and for any situation involving water or sweat.

For Formal Occasions 

IN THE SHOP: Alligator-Pattern Strap ($109)

There’s nothing that conveys class and formality like an alligator-pattern strap — and our handmade, Italian cowhide version with subtle padding and perforated backing is one of the best examples, if we do say so ourselves.

For the Vintage Enthusiast

IN THE SHOP: Montone Strap ($99)

Looking for something to spruce up your vintage timepiece? Look no further than our handmade Montone strap with its classic side-stitching, perforated back, and appealing colors. 

Vintage Collectibles

Though watches are our primary focus, we carry more than just timepieces here at Analog:Shift. From vintage toys and games to dealer ephemera and elevated EDC, we’ve got accessories galore that are sure to put a smile on the face of whomever’s top of your gifting list. 

IN THE SHOP: ‘Thunderball’ Board Game from Milton Bradley ($425)

What could be cooler than this incredible, vintage Bond-themed board game from 1965? Channel your inner ‘double-0’ on a Thunderball-inspired quest to stop the villain and save the world. 

IN THE SHOP: Windproof Lighter for Pan-Am by Penguin 'New-Old-Stock' ($175)

You don’t need to be a smoker to appreciate this vintage, Pan-Am licensed lighter adorned with the airline’s famous globe logo. Best of all? It’s in ‘New-Old-Stock’ condition, complete with its box and wrapping.

 Rolex Submariner 'Looking For Lost Empires' ($425)

If you’re a Rolex devotee — or an amateur archaeologist! — then this vintage Submariner ad from the 1960s couldn’t be more perfect for your wall. Sourced and framed by our friends at Ad Patina, it’s a beautiful piece of ephemera to accompany your dive watch.


Handy wristwatch strapped to your arm? Check, of course. But what about a beautiful clock to adorn your desk or bookshelf — especially one from the likes of a classic Swiss marque? Yup, we’ve got those, too!

IN THE SHOP: Cyma Belt Buckle Clock ($1250)

Truly, timepieces from the early 20th century were in a class of their own with respect to ingenuity and design. This hand-wound clock, for example, fits into a belt buckle — but it also makes a perfect desk clock. 

IN THE SHOP: Angelus Art Deco Desk Clock For Tiffany & Co. ($2,500)

If this gorgeous, chrome-plated desk clock produced for Tiffany & Co. by Angelus had been made today, you’d hardly bat an eye. The fact that it’s from the 1950s, however, and remains in such stunning condition is simply a miracle. Now, free up some desk space!

IN THE SHOP: Jaeger-LeCoultre 8-Day Pyramid Clock 'Lapis Lazuli' ($6,750)

This incredible 8-day, pyramidal desk clock from Jaeger-LeCoultre in lacquered brass and lapis lazuli could be the centerpiece of any respectable timepiece collection. Beautiful to behold and mechanically impressive, it even includes its signed, blue leather box.


Who would we be if we didn’t provide you solutions for storing all those beautiful watches you’ve been buying? Never fear: We’ve got classic watch boxes, useful trays, and more for your timepiece-storing pleasure.

IN THE SHOP: WOLF X Analog:Shift 1976 Collection 8-Piece Cork Watch Box ($319.20)

Designed in homage to the cork watch boxes of the 1970s, this appealing storage box has room for eight timepieces and a glass display top through which to view them. It’s so handsome, in fact, with its steel trimming, that you might forget to even open it!

IN THE SHOP: WOLF X Analog:Shift Flatiron II 5-Piece Watch Box ($300)

Made in partnership with venerable watch storage company Wolf, the Flatiron II is crafted from beautiful walnut and has room for five watches within cork-lined compartments. Finished with classic brass hardware, it’s the perfect accessory to a side table, windowsill or armoire. 

IN THE SHOP: Analog:Shift Autosport Collection Strap Changing Valet Tray ($92)

Stop changing watch straps on the kitchen table! Use our beautiful Strap Changing Valet Tray instead. With its vegan leather construction and room for three extra straps, it’s a godsend for those who love to accessorize their favorite watches.


Looking to take your horological show on the road? We’ve got just the thing — brand-new products to store from three to 24 watches! Check out our new Canvas Watch Rolls and Travel Tubes.

Analog:Shift 12-Piece Canvas Watch Roll ($225)

If you’re the sort of die-hard collector who travels with a full set of watches but can’t find an appropriate storage solution, then you, our friend, have come to the right place. Available in 12- and 24-watch sizes, the Canvas Watch Roll is robust, handsome, and made of premium materials.

Analog:Shift Clipper 3-Piece Travel Tube ($235)

Produced in partnership with our friends at Wolf, this 3-piece leather watch roll features a nifty, secret internal pocket for tools or jewelry. Patterned after a certain famed American airline, it’s perfect for bringing a small collection on the road.

Analog:Shift Vintage Collection 3-Piece Hex Travel Tube ($245)

Made of green pebbled leather in a hardy, hexagonal form and finished with ultrasuede lining, gold trim, and tonal stitching, this beautiful 3-watch roll with hidden tool/jewelry pouch is one of the finest we’ve ever offered.