Introducing Bandliners

Introducing Bandliners

| 07.01.24

As many watch collections grow, they do so in multiple vectors — one might have a smattering of sport watches on steel bracelets, a few pieces paired with aquatically friendly rubber straps, the occasional vintage military piece on a dusty old NATO, and a dress watch or two affixed to a more refined leather strap. This variety is welcome, and makes for a well-rounded collection featuring watches that can be worn and enjoyed in myriad situations, from pool-side to black tie.

But not every watch is appropriate to each of the aforementioned situations, and the list of available options shrinks as one considers strap pairings. Leather, while beautiful and luxurious, is traditionally a poor candidate for summertime wear, when rising temperatures causes sweating and discomfort as one’s wrist interacts with the heavy bovine (or other) natural material. Indeed, it’s not uncommon for a leather watch strap worn in hot weather to irritate one’s skin, but also, to begin to smell as it becomes saturated in sweat. Even leather straps worn in cooler weather will eventually develop a certain funk over time, degrading until wearing them is no longer viable.

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Watch enthusiast and engineer Ryan Zaczynski knew there must be a solution. Laboring for two years in his Hoboken, New Jersey apartment, he conceived of Bandliners, a discrete, cost-effective product that promises to save not only your leather straps, but also most rubber, fabric, and nylon watch bands, too. Measuring just 0.6mm thick, Bandliners feature an adhesive lining that attach to the back of your watch strap and prevent degradation from sweat, as well as any irritation that might result from the strap’s interaction with one’s skin. Fashioned from a proprietary hypoallergenic and antimicrobial microfiber material, they're barely noticeable on-wrist.


Easily removable from most straps, each set of Bandliners will effectively add longevity and prolong the onset of odor. Available in three size ranges (18-20mm; 20-22mm; and 22-24mm), they ship in packs of three sets, with each set comprising a shorter buckle-side piece and two pieces corresponding to the longer side of a watch strap. With their slight taper, Bandliners can accommodate the vast majority of watch strap sizes without the need for any modification. (In fact, a conveniently placed perforation down the center of each Bandliner means that the strap buckle’s tang pin will easily slot through any hole in the strap, even with the Bandliner attached.)


Made in the United States and tested over the course of two years, Bandliners are currently in use in over 30 countries around the world. Whether you’re looking to increase the longevity of a favorite strap; find more opportunities to wear your heavier straps in hotter weather; or simply looking for a new way to wear a beloved (but physically irritating) strap material, Bandliners will easily and inexpensively provide a solution. 

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