A Guide to Analog:Shift Watch Straps

A Guide to Analog:Shift Watch Straps

| 02.05.24

While vintage and pre-owned watches themselves are our main focus at Analog:Shift, we also acknowledge that the right strap can completely change the character of a timepiece. Indeed, swapping out a well-worn NATO for a supple, two-piece leather affair with contrasting side stitching will quickly transform a hardy tool watch into an attractive accessory for an evening on the town. Likewise, changing out a stainless steel bracelet for a rubber TROPIC strap instantly morphs a luxury timepiece into a sports watch.

That’s why, here at Analog:Shift, we carry a wide variety of straps with which to accessorize your collection. Ranging from suede to vegan leather to rallye to TROPIC rubber straps, these baller bands are standing by to recast your watches in a different light. And the best part? Our straps, while excellently made by multi-generational manufacturing partners, are competitively priced and available in a wide variety of colors. So don’t be shy — pick up a few, and watch your watches transform before your very eyes! 


Suede Leather Strap - IN THE SHOP

Available in nine colors, four widths and two lengths, our handmade, supple suede straps feature one-line top stitching or tone-on-tone side stitching, a perforated backing for extra comfort, and a signed, stainless steel buckle. Excellent for pairing with everything from precious-metal dress watches to battle-hardened tool watches, they look especially good on gold-toned pieces, perfectly accentuating the distinguished looks of heavy metal. 


Saffiano Leather Strap - IN THE SHOP

Our Saffiano leather straps, available in 11 colors, constitute an incredibly versatile option whose subtleties complement a wide variety of watch types. Named for the cross-hatched pattern visible in the leather, they’re available with tone-on-tone stitching or without visible stitching — the latter of which beautifully recall vintage, mid-20th century straps. 


Alligator-Pattern Leather Strap - IN THE SHOP

If you’re searching for that classic alligator or croc-leather strap for your dress watch but would rather leave the reptiles alone, then our Alligator-Pattern leather straps are for you. Available in 13 colors, four sizes, and two lengths, they feature premium Italian hides embossed with a reptilian texture and an elegant taper down to a 16mm buckle width. Choose the black version for the most classic option — or switch it up with blue or green.


Vegan Leather Strap - IN THE SHOP

Prefer to avoid leather? We get it — which is why we carry a line of 11 Vegan straps produced from apple core waste. Backed with cork and supple as any hide-based strap, they feature white stitching for a pop of contrast against the brightly colored “leather.” Named for different endangered species, they’re made for the collector in search of a sustainable, left-of-center option. 


Cervo Leather Straps - IN THE SHOP

Our Cervo leather straps, named for famed explorers both real and fictional, are for pairing with hard-wearing tool watches ready to prove their worth in the field. These deerskin-pattern, Italian-made bands are available in 10 different colors and boast tone-on-tone stitching, perforated backs, and stainless steel pin buckles. With colors ranging from classic black to sky blue, there’s a Cervo option for any watch.


Montone Leather Strap - IN THE SHOP

The evolution of our calf leather-style collection, the Montone line is where you turn when you want a vintage-style strap in a bright color to complement a wide variety of timepieces. Featuring vintage-style side stitching and a fine, pebbled texture, Monotone straps — available in 10 different colors — beg to be paired with chunky tool watches for an easy transformation into everyday accessories. 


Nubuck Leather Straps - IN THE SHOP

Joining the A:S strap lineup most recently is our Nubuck family in eight colors. After buffing down high-quality top-grain leather, our Italian manufacturing partner adds tone-on-tone stitching and a perforated back for extra moisture wicking. Finally, each Nubuck strap is available in four widths, two lengths, and with the added option of a stainless steel or gold-toned buckle. Spring for one of the four 'scaled' options for an eye-catching look! 

Ralstra Leather Straps

Ralstra® Desk Diver Strap - IN THE SHOP

Fans of vintage racing chronographs are well aware of how difficult it can be to source a period-correct rallye strap. Not anymore! Ralstra straps are handmade in Italy from the finest Italian lambskin and given thoughtful touches — a 16mm taper, 3mm of padded depth, a brushed, triple-drilled pin buckle made from 316L stainless steel — to make your '60s and '70s chronos positively sing. Available in 14 compelling colors and several sizes, they're some of our favorite models, and they're available exclusively at Analog:Shift.

TROPIC Rubber Straps

Tropic Strap - IN THE SHOP

In addition to carrying our own line of Italian leather straps in a wide variety of styles, Analog:Shift is also proud to be the exclusive distributor of TROPIC rubber straps in the United States. Manufactured from vulcanized rubber and featuring a famous, textured ‘tapestry’ surface, TROPIC straps were once OEM equipment on many famed dive watch models. Today, under The Synchron Group’s ownership, TROPIC continues to manufacture these incredible accessories in Italy.