Analog Shift x Accutron Announces Factory-Certified Pre-Owned Partnership

Analog Shift x Accutron Announces Factory-Certified Pre-Owned Partnership

| 06.12.24

 Analog:Shift is proud to present the Accutron X Analog:Shift Factory-Certified Pre-Owned Program. The most recent in a series of collaborations between the brands, this exclusive program offers timepieces from Accutron’s historical collections — including both the Legacy Collection and curated vintage pieces — all available for purchase with full factory certification.

Bulova Accutron advertisement poster - (Image by Accutron)

First unveiled in 1960 as a subcollection under Bulova Watch Company, Accutron — known as the world’s first fully electronic watch — was one of the most important innovations in the history of watchmaking. Following an additional decade of research, Accutron released the first watches powered by electrostatic energy. In the years since, Accutron became a sub-brand of Bulova, expanding on its historical archive and introducing a series of new pieces for collectors worldwide. 


Most recently, Accutron has revived its most recognizable designs from the ‘60s and ‘70s within its ‘Legacy Collection,’ modernizing and pairing them with mechanical movements as a tribute to the brand’s history. To us at Analog:Shift, the Legacy Collection is a celebration of all things vintage — design, technical sophistication, and romantic appeal. Under the Factory-Certified Pre-Owned Program, these Legacy pieces will be presented in mint, unworn condition with a 5-year warranty from Accutron itself. In addition to the Legacy collection, Analog:Shift will now be authenticating and offering a series of curated vintage pieces from Accutron, also available through the Factory-Certified Pre-Owned Program. These pieces will come with a 2-year Analog:Shift warranty in addition to a unique certification of authenticity from both Analog:Shift and Accutron. 


Accutron and Analog:Shift’s partnership is the natural outgrowth of two brands with similar values and priorities. As Analog:Shift founder James Lamdin put it, “Analog:Shift and Accutron are aligned in our deeply rooted respect for watchmaking history and tradition. Both based in New York City, we each have a passion for storytelling, horological innovation, and design.” Furthermore, both brands have had a strong impact on New York’s horological culture, which will continue when certified pieces are offered at Analog:Shift’s Manhattan boutique, online shop, and select Watches Of Switzerland, Mayors, and Betteridge locations in the near future. 

At Analog:Shift, we’re excited to play a part in the story of a brand whose rich history and culture has influenced both American horology and the larger watch industry as a whole. This Factory-Certified Pre-Owned Program is Analog:Shift’s tribute to Accutron and vintage design, and we’re thrilled to share it with our community. Let’s take a look at three pieces from the Legacy Collection that we are pleased to present under the Factory-Certified Pre-Owned program with Accutron:

“521” Watch worn by the King of Rock and Roll


Unveiled in 1960, the “521” was the first (and arguably the most desirable) of Accutron’s offset, asymmetrical designs known as “TV watches.” It’s no surprise that Elvis, whose career was launched on the iconic television series, The Ed Sullivan Show, took a liking to this design in particular. A watch fit for a King, the Accutron “521” — with its unique case shape and striking presence — was a standout product and unlike any other watch at the time. Featuring the original’s visually distinctive asymmetrical case design and crown placement near 3 o’clock, the new “521” retains that model’s 32.8 x 32.5mm case dimensions, giving it unisex wearability. Offered with a gold-tone stainless steel case; a 3-hand silver-white dial; and stylized, double-stick hour markers, this model is offered with an array of strap variations including a pearlized gray or green alligator grain strap; an orange or brown calf strap; or gold-tone bracelet. 

“R.R.-0” Canadian Railroad Watch


Inspired by one of the first-ever timepieces approved by North American railroad systems, the “R.R.-0” showcases design attributes similar to that of a Canadian Railroad watch from 1970. Accutron produced several railroad-approved timepieces throughout the ‘60s-’70s, but the Canadian Railroad watch was one of its most popular designs. (It was nicknamed “zero railroad” — or just “zero” — because of the “0” numeral at the 12-hour mark to meet Canadian Railroad specs.) The new “R.R.-0,” which takes inspiration from this particular timepiece, features a uniquely faceted, 34mm stainless steel railroad case with crown placement at 4 o’clock. Boasting a bright white dial with bold Arabic numerals, this watch stays true to many of the original’s design details, including ‘railroad’ hands and a red seconds hand for accurate time monitoring. It’s available on either a brown or black leather saddle strap; a red alligator grain strap; or a white accent-stitched, dark blue leather grain strap.  

Accutron Astronaut 

Bulova Accutron Astronaut - IN THE SHOP 

 When the Lockheed A-12 was selected to fly for the C.I.A.’s ‘Black Aircraft’ project, it was the most advanced aircraft in the world — and for its pilots, the C.I.A. selected one of the world’s most advanced wristwatches, the Accutron Astronaut. With a reputation for durability during its time on the wrists of X-15 pilots, the Accutron Astronaut performed equally effectively in extreme environments. Its tuning fork mechanism and low-inertia components gave it excellent resistance to high G-forces and temperatures without malfunctioning under pressure. In a written letter by Air Force Lieutenant-Colonel Frank Murray, the pilot sings the Astronaut’s praises: “Ordinary wristwatches worn by pilots on the outside of their pressure suits were not holding up to these temperatures. The Bulova Accutron Astronaut model held up to testing, so the C.I.A. decided to furnish the Bulova watch to the C.I.A. pilots flying the A-12.” 

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