A:S Holiday Gift Guide 2023: Collectibles

A:S Holiday Gift Guide 2023: Collectibles

| 11.24.23

Feast your eyes upon Part III of our three-part Holiday Gift Guide! 

While Part I covered watches themselves and Part II surveyed our favorite accessories, this third and final installment is all about vintage collectibles.

Divided into several sections catering to different types of enthusiast, our guide is a one-stop shop for lovers of all things automotive; divers and sailors; design nerds; and more. Whether you’re looking for a cool desk accessory for yourself or the perfect gift for a tough-to-shop-for friend, you can trust our recommendations. After all, sourcing cool stuff with a storied past is our passion!



Clocks and pocket watches offer everything we love about wristwatches — only at a larger scale.

Dunhill World Time Alarm Clock Module

Dunhill World Time Alarm Clock Module - IN THE SHOP

This is more than just a conventional alarm clock: Retailed by Dunhill, it also contains a world time bezel, plus a more conventional minute timer. 

Price: $365

CYMA Belt Buckle Clock

CYMA Belt Buckle Clock - IN THE SHOP

Yup, you read that right: This nifty little hand-wound clock from the 1920s/1930s is hidden within a belt buckle. (How you explain this one to the TSA, we have no idea.)

Price: $1,350

Heuer Super Autavia Mark I Dash Clock & Timer For Abercrombie & Fitch

Heuer Super Autavia Mark I Dash Clock & Timer For Abercrombie & Fitch - IN THE SHOP

30-minute counter; 12-hour bezel; excellent, hand-wound movement; wild color scheme…this 1950s-era Heuer Autavia for Abercrombie & Fitch has it all!

Price: $12,500

Vintage Collectibles


Watch collecting is mostly about timepieces themselves, but surrounding these objects is a whole host of other fascinating items that are part and parcel of the same world.

General Dynamics Submarine Tie Bar

General Dynamics Submarine Tie Bar - IN THE SHOP

If you’re into militaria; if you wear ties frequently; if you’re one for made-in-the-U.S.A. goods — check this out: It’s a submarine-shaped tie bar from General Dynamics, made in America.

Price: $70

Omega Signage

Omega Signage - IN THE SHOP

What better way to signal your Speedmaster and Seamaster obsessions than this brass display sign with lacquered Omega logo and wordmark?

Price: $125

Bone Handle Knife by Hermes

Bone Handle Knife by Hermes - IN THE SHOP

Here’s something you don’t see every day: a stainless steel folding knife with a gorgeous bone handle and an ‘arrowhead’ pull-back release, retailed by Hermès!

Price: $1,750



Everybody knows that car guys are really just watch guys with wheels — so we’ve gone ahead and curated an excellent selection of automotive goods for ‘em!

Volvo Enamel Pin

Volvo Enamekl Pin - IN THE SHOP

With a profile measuring 1/2” x 1/2”, this lovely Volvo pin will signal your love for Swedish engineering with subtlety and class.

Price: $25

Mercedes Benz Hood Ornament Paperweight

Mercedes Benz Hood Ornament Paperweight - IN THE SHOP

An officially branded gift, this steel and lucite paperweight from the 1990s will make an excellent totem of your fealty to Stuttgart-based Mercedes!

Price: $275

Porsche 911R Toy by Schuco

Porche 911R Toy by Shuco - IN THE SHOP

This battery-operated Rallye Porsche 911 R from the 1960s is produced by Schuco, a legend in the world of toy making and known for their hand-crafted, faithfully reproduced model cars.

Price: $795



If you’re as obsessed with the Speedmaster as we are, you’ll love this tight curation of excellent, Space Age-themed goodies.

'Ed White' Spacewalk Astronaut Tie Bar

'Ed White' Spacewalk Astronaut Tie Bar - IN THE SHOP

A yellow gold-plated tie clip that features a sculpted likeness of American astronaut Ed White during his famous, first-ever American space walk that took place on June 3rd, 1965. How dapper!

Price: $55

Zippo Windproof Lighter 'Space Shuttle'

Zippo Windproof Lighter 'Space Shuttle' - IN THE SHOP

Measuring approximately 2” x 1 1/2” x 1/2”, this near-mint condition Zippo from the 1980s is as much a design object as it is a functional tool — just look at those graphics!

Price: $175

Omega Astronaut Statuette

Omega Astronaut Statuette - IN THE SHOP

Produced for Omega as a promotional gift and purchasable accessory, this yellow gold-toned astronaut statuette is signed with the Omega signature front and back.

Price: $900



Sailors, skippers, and divers, take note: This is where you’ll find all your nautically-themed accessories.

U-8 'Sea Raider' Submarine Bath Toy from Horsman

U-8 'Sea Raider' Submarine Bath Toy from Horsman - IN THE SHOP

Pop in a couple of AA batteries and watch this awesome toy from the 1980s dive and resurface in the bathtub or pool!

Price: $75

Aristo Wrist Depth Gauge

Aristo Wrist Depth Gauge - IN THE SHOP

OK, it’s not quite a watch. But this colorful, analog, wrist-worn depth gauge from the 1970s — with its built-in, woven strap — harkens back to a simpler time. 

Price: $150

Brass Shark Sculpture

Brass Shark Sculpture - IN THE SHOP

Dating to circa the 1960s, this brass shark statuette is the perfect desk accessory for someone who’s fascinated by marine life. (And extra points to those who’ve dove with actual sharks!)

Price: $175



Take to the skies with these aviation-themed gifts that are sure to put a smile on the face of the budding (or experienced) aviator.

Pan-Am Vintage Travel Shoulder Bag

Pan-Am Vintage Travel Shoulder Bag - IN THE SHOP

Do we even need to explain? This shoulder bag from the 1960s embodies the glitz and glamor of midcentury air travel on one of the world’s most famous airlines. 

Price: $95

F-86 Sabre Desktop Model with Globe by Topping

F-86 Sabre Descktop Model with Globe by Topping - IN THE SHOP

Referred to as the “Globe Model,” these F-86 Sabre desk models were gifted to employees who worked for North American Aviation and contributed to the Sabre Jet project.

Price: $225

Air France Concorde 'L'efficacite'

Air France Concorde 'L'efficacite' - IN THE SHOP

“Efficiency.” The word used to encapsulate the lightning-fast journey between New York and Paris aboard the famed Concorde in the late 1970s — all captured in an incredible, framed ad.

Price: $325

Framed Advertisements

Curated by our friends at Ad Patina, these beautiful advertisements are cropped, framed, and prepped for hanging in your home and office. 

Seiko 'Blue Pogue' Chronograph

Seiko 'Blue Pogue' Chronograph - IN THE SHOP

A rare ad for an awesome chronograph, this 1970s-era piece makes a strong case for Seiko’s automatic Reference 6139 “Pogue.” 

Price: $325

Omega Seamaster Featuring James Bond in No Time To Die

Omega Seamaster Featuring James Bond in No Time To Die - IN THE SHOP

Bond. Tom Ford. Omega. Could this stylish ad for the Omega Seamaster 300M 007 Edition possibly be any cooler? 

Price: $395

Porsches 'Change'

Porsches 'Change' - IN THE SHOP

A typically clever ad for the German marque, this 1980s-era, two-page spread illustrates the changing look of Porsche throughout the years while highlighting sustained values.

Price: $495