How to Store Your Watches

How to Store Your Watches

| 02.08.23

 Alright, so you have a “watch problem.” 

You know what, scratch that. You’re a collector. (That’s better.) But what to do with all those watches you’re not wearing? (After all, you can really only wear one at a time, right? (Right?))

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to store them: There are dedicated watch boxes, watch rolls, watch pouches, and safes.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Watch Boxes

These are exactly what they sound like: boxes of some sort that hold several watches — normally 10, 16, 20, etc, often in individual compartments or on padded pouches to keep them upright and protected. And you’ll kindly forgive us if we toot our own horn here…we think our own watch boxes, made in collaboration with Wolf, are some of the best in the ‘biz.

Wolf Flatiron II 5-Piece Watch Box

If all you need is a simple box for a small collection, this refined, maple and walnut box with brass hardware couldn’t be more perfect. It features cork and khaki cotton canvas lining, elegant miter joints and a slender profile that looks perfect sitting atop a dresser or shelf.


Walnut: BUY NOW

Maple: BUY NOW

WOLF X Analog:Shift 1976 Collection 8-Piece Cork Watch Box

If you can find a cooler watch box than this cork number we made in collaboration with Wolf, we’ll eat our collective hat. Made to echo vintage originals from the 1970s, this one holds multiple watches (8, to be exact) and features dark tan, ultrasuede lining.

Price: $399


Watch Rolls

Watch rolls, made from leather, cotton, canvas, or other supple materials, are designed to be rolled up into a compact shape that can then be easily stored in a small space. They’re great for traveling with your watches, or for simply keeping them safely out of the way at home. Prices vary from under $50 to several hundred depending on materials and finish.

Analog:Shift Canvas Watch Roll

You’ll kindly forgive us if we believe that this durable canvas watch roll with removable leather cinch is the baddest watch roll of them all. Available in 12- and 24-watch sizes, it’s lined with wool for protection and features nylon edging, a brass closure, and plenty of space for all your favorite timepieces.

Price: $225-$275

12 Piece: BUY NOW

24 Piece: BUY NOW

Watch Tubes

Tubes sit somewhere in between rolls and boxes. Essentially rigid cylinders made of a hard material and often covered in leather, they typically hold three or more watches and can be thrown in a backpack for travel purposes. Ours are extra special — let us explain…

Clipper 3-Piece Travel Tube

Travel tubes are gaining in popularity recently, but we happen to think the Clipper is among the best. Why? Not only does this Wolf-made, midcentury travel-themed roll hold three watches, but it’s also got a secret storage compartment for spring bar tools, an extra strap, or other small items.  

Price: $235


Moonshot 3-Piece Travel Tube

Prefer some Space Age vibes rather than the more terrestrial feel of our Clipper tube? Then go with the Moonshot: You still get a supple leather tube with space for three watches and a secret storage compartment — but you also get the feeling that you could safely transport said watch collection to the Moon.

Price: $235


Vintage Collection 3-Piece Hex Travel Tube

Modeled after the livery of some of our favorite watch boxes, the Vintage Collection 3-Piece Hex Travel Tube is by far our most luxurious travel tube. Constructed in a hexagonal shape, trimmed in vintage pebbled green with tonal stitching and finished in ultrasuede lining with gold trim, it’s perfect for carting around three of your favorite old-school timepieces.

Price: $245