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Featured: Universal Genève 'Big Eye' Uni-Compax - Panda and Inverse Panda executions!

But the humble Uni-Compax, with its twin chronograph registers at three and nine o’clock—the register at 3 being the minutes counter for the chronograph—remains a perennial favorite. The “Big Eye”—Reference 884100/01 with a black dial and Reference 884100/02 in white—are perhaps rarer and more desirable than the Nina Rindt. Introduced in 1963 and only manufactured for two years, fewer than twenty “Big Eyes” have surfaced in the commercial market in recent years.

With its 36.5mm stainless steel case, Valjoux 23-based Universal Genève movement, and dial in the always-attractive “panda” configuration, the “Big Eye” has the makings of a classic mid-century chronograph. Its most distinctive feature is of course the oversized minutes counter at 3 o’clock, the genesis of the nickname “Big Eye.” The subtle accents of red in the registers and an internal tachymeter bezel—reminiscent of the Heuer Carrera—make the “Big Eye” as handsome as it is rare.

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