About Us

Who We Are

We are a couple of guys based in New York City with a passion for bespoke style, substance, and authenticity. Admittedly, we appreciate ALL well-crafted and precious things, from fine single-malts to handmade cordovan bluchers, but we have a special and earnest love for the world of vintage goods, in particular, the world of vintage and luxury timepieces. We love the stories and histories vintage watches contain and the unparalleled craftsmanship with which they were made, often harking back to an era when raw value was respected and a firm handshake was unflappable. Most importantly, we enjoy them for the works of wearable art that they are. We've had it with digital...we are 100% analog.

Our goal is to find and bring to market a small collection of exceptional vintage and contemporary timepieces. All of our items are hand-picked by our team, representing horologically interesting, important and desirable pieces. Essentially, we scour the market for the best available wristwatches, authenticate them and present them to you in an honest and straightforward manner.

We are here to help you buy a watch — not sell you one.


Our Team

James Lamdin - Founder & CEO

James' passion for vintage timepieces came from his grandfather, who bequeathed to him part of his collection upon his passing. After years as a brand ambassador in the luxury automotive industry, James identified a void in the timepiece market, and developed his expertise and network of industry connections into a brand dedicated to curating exceptional vintage timepieces for the discerning enthusiast.

When he's not scouring the planet for interesting and iconic timepieces, he writes about cars and watches for a number of well-respected publications. In his free time, you can generally find him cruising around in his '67 Porsche or holding court at a pub in Hell's Kitchen with a cold pint in hand.


Jacob Sotak - Chief Operating Officer

Jacob's interest in watches is rooted in a love for all things mechanical.  From old cameras and typewriters to cars and firearms, Jacob has a deep affinity for intelligently-designed, beautiful machines.  As Chief Operating Officer, Jacob oils the gears of analog/shift, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company.   

Outside of analog/shift, Jacob is a freelance writer, spinning yarns about anything that involves fine single malts (preferably of the Islay variety), fly-fishing and the great outdoors.      


David Shapiro - Timepiece Specialist

David stumbled upon analog/shift as a private collector and bonded with the team immediately over a shared loved of vintage watches.  Since his grandfather gifted him his first Mickey Mouse watch two decades ago, David has been enamored with timepieces, and his collection now focuses on Heuer, Rolex and Tudor chronographs.

When he’s not at the office or busy pursuing his umpteenth degree- this time in structural engineering- you’ll find David enjoying a glass of bourbon at a local dive bar or cycling through Central Park.  


Atom Moore - Photographer

Atom Moore has been a photographer ever since his parents pressured him into deciding what he wanted to be when he grew up. A graduate of the photography program at Fitchburg State University, he specializes in watch and jewelry photography, as well as portraiture. His photos have been featured in IW Magazine, and he has created popular headshots of Wil Wheaton and Mark Gessner.
Atom is currently working on a book of artistic watch photography that will feature photos from his popular Instagram page. He has had several solo art exhbitions of his portrait photography in New York City. As a committed teetotaler, Atom's vice of choice is presented clearly in his alter ego: the Sweet Tooth Yeti.

Our Products

Vintage: our primary focus is in vintage sport and luxury timepieces, generally dating from the 1950's through the 1980's. We feel that these products represent the best in design and manufacture from American, Swiss and Japanese watchmakers.

Contemporary Classics: we occasionally offer modern pieces, more recently manufactured wristwatches that have the same elements of design and quality that we seek with our vintage products.

Off-Beat: we will also offer a small selection of accessory items and bespoke products from our like-minded colleagues and friends in the men's fashion and luxury lifestyle industries.