Breitling Superocean Chronograph


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This Breitling SuperOcean "Slow Moving Chronograph" Diver is the Holy Grail of Breitling Chronographs!  Breitling Ref 2005, Circa 1965.  A very near mint example of an exceptionally rare, unusually complicated, and super high quality watch.  Sold as a diving watch in 1965, the chronograph function displays only the minutes, by way of the large, diamond topped hand.  Moving at a "minutes pace", one might not know it was even running.  SO...  the dial is fitted with a round aperture window above 6:00.  When the chrono is engaged, the window goes white.  When stopped, a small white dot is displayed, and when reset to zero, goes to black again.  It is in near mint condition, never polished, with just a few VERY light scratches and running perfectly.

HERE is a great review of the model from 2009.  Given this condition and rarity,  it is very conceivable that it is the best example in existence. 

Type: Watches, Vintage, Breitling by: Breitling